Minority SafePack – One million signatures for diversity in Europe

We live in Europe for centuries. We are autochthonous and traditional people, many of us saw borders shifted and live today in minority. It is not a choice, but it is the reality for us. We have chosen to continue to live in our homeland.

Our ancestors created a unique cultural wealth, they spoke their own languages, and followed their own traditions and customs. We aim to preserve and develop our identity, our cultures, and our languages.

We speak our mother tongue, and we want to be able to use it in everyday life and in the administration. We wish that our children were able to learn in their mother tongue in schools and to pass it to the next generations.

Different norms and different standards are applied by the states in the field of minority protection: some don’t recognize and disregard the aim of minorities, while others actively promote and protect them. We believe that the situation of European minorities can not be considered solely the internal affair of the states.

We are one hundred million Europeans, fifty million in the EU, members of autochthonous national minorities, nationalities, ethnic communities, regional and linguistic groups. Our objective is to strengthen the Council of Europe’s legal instruments and sanction mechanism. In the EU our goal is to create a EU legal framework on the protection of national minorities and language groups. We have a dream about a society where all languages and communities are equal, respected and cherished.

However, our determination and strength is not enough. We need the majority societies, we need our states and regions, and we need Europe to provide us the tools, which can support us to protect and to develop our cultures and our languages.

Under the umbrella of the Federal Union of European Nationalities 1,128,385 European citizens already joined our cause and started a movement for minority rights. By signing the Minority SafePack Initiative they asked the EU to improve the protection of persons belonging to national and linguistic minorities and strengthen cultural and linguistic diversity in the EU. The signatures of so many European citizens are an empowerment to make our voice heard in the EU institutions, national parliaments and governments, which should not be ignored.

Today, we need much more than that. We need a pact between minorities and majorities to create favorable conditions for linguistic and cultural diversity to thrive, to preserve and promote the identity of the minority communities, to stop their assimilation, to make them feel entirely at home on the territory where they have been living traditionally, to have a say in decisions that affect their lives, and to exercise autonomously their cultural, educational and linguistic rights.


We ask you to join our movement for minority rights.

We make Europe richer! We offer our cultural heritage, our languages and our traditions to Europe and to the majority societies.

Listen to us without prejudices.

As national minorities and language groups we have the same aspirations as the majority: we want our countries and regions to prosper. No matter our mother tongue or traditions we contribute together to our societies and economies. We all want to live in a better region, a better country and a better Europe.

Help us in becoming EU citizens with equal rights

in the use of our language, mother tongue education and the preservation of culture. Minorities are not a threat for the cohesion of Europe or for the states, instead, in all their diversity they are enriching both society and the state and play a crucial role as bridge builders between nations.

We need to work together on a local, regional and European agenda.

Minority rights will not be achieved without majority support. It is our common struggle. In order to succeed we, decision makers, organizations, volunteers, partners and influencers need to work together.

We aim to put minority rights on the European agenda.

The upcoming European elections offer the right platform for a debate on autochthonous minority rights. We invite European parties and candidates to include in their objectives solutions to our concerns. The citizens belonging to minority communities will support parties and candidates that are committed to our agenda.

Be part of history in the making.

The Minority SafePack Initiative can be one of the most important achievements in the history of the EU, and together, we are the ones who can make it happen.
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In the European Union there are

about 50 million people

who belong to a national minority or a
minority language community.


They make a strong contribution to the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe. Together with other Europeans they want to define the future of Europe; a future in which not only large languages or dominant cultures, but also minorities are taken into account. Therefore they want protection and support for the preservation of their identity. This is what the Minority SafePack Initiative calls for.
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Minorities make Europe richer!

Sign the petition and help provide a better future for the national
minorities and language communities of Europe!

I want more

The rights of the national and linguistic minorities are not always respected. In many cases their language and culture is endangered. These communities want to have the chance to live their life according to their own traditions. If we want to maintain a diverse Europe, the time has come to support and to promote their values too.

The Minority SafePack Initiative does not want to take anything from the majority communities or from Europe. It simply wants to make it more diverse with their languages and cultures.

Sign the petition and make the European Union a place where every person belonging to a national minority or a language group can feel at home!


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1. What is a European Citizens’ Initiative?

The European Citizens’ Initiative is an instrument of direct democracy that was introduced by the European Union in 2012. If more than one million European citizens from at least seven Member States support an initiative proposed by a group of citizens, the European Commission must engage in the proposal.

2. What does the Minority SafePack Initiative mean?

It is a package of law proposals for the safety of the national minorities, a set of EU legal acts that enable the promotion of minority rights, language rights, and the protection of their cultures. In short, it sums up our main objectives: safety for minorities and legislative package for minorities.

3. Why support the Minority SafePack Initiative?

The motto of the European Union is “In varietate concordia – United in diversity”. The purpose of the Minority SafePack Initiative is to encourage the European Union to live up to its motto and to improve the protection of people belonging to national and linguistic minorities and strengthen cultural and linguistic diversity in the Union. The European Union has ignored these requests too often in the past, and has left the minority issues to be dealt with on a Member State level, or by other international organisations.

4. What do we want?

We want the European Union to take responsibility and become a genuine promoter of cultural and linguistic diversity across Europe. We want the Copenhagen Criteria on protecting the rights of minorities to be observed also by the Member States of the EU.

5. What do we propose?

The Minority SafePack Initiative includes eleven original proposals, nine of which were registered by the European Commission:

  1. EU-Recommendation for the protection and promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity
  2. Funding programmes for small linguistic communities,
  3. The creation of a Language Diversity Centre
  4. The objectives of EU’s regional development funds to include the protection of national minorities and the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity
  5. Research about the added value of minorities to our societies and Europe
  6. Approximating equality for stateless minorities e.g. Roma
  7. A single European copyright law, so that services and broadcast can be enjoyed in the mother tongue
  8. Freedom of service and reception of audio-visual content in the minority regions
  9. Block exemption of regional (state) support for minority culture, media and cultural heritage conservation.

6. What do I support by signing the Minority SafePack Initiative?

By signing for our initiative, you show the European Union that you would like it to strengthen cultural and linguistic diversity and minority rights.


Sign it!

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